Early Bird, by Maku Latua

From the Editor


Megan Elliott, High Noon

Jason Joyce, Let Someone Know You Are Still Okay
Salin Shakya, The Well in the Jungle



Anna Dunn, trash, 2018
Caroline Preziosi, Four Landscapes Looking West
Morgan Ziegenhorn, The Mother Of


Adriana DeNoble, Summertime Holly
Meghan Largent, Woven Lives: A Meditation on Yarn
Brittny Meredith, Psalm 34:17


Alexis Avlamis, The Alpha Wolf

        Re-Imagining Gulliver's Travels
Jay Brown, Girl
Angie Hedman, Estranged
Maku Latua, Eagle in Eye

        Early Bird
Bill Wolak, Flesh That’s Aching for Your Lips
        Still Smarting from the Sting of Her Perfume

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