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Ottavia Paluch is a 14-year-old high school student who lives in Ontario, Canada. Her work is published in The Rising Phoenix Review, Gigantic Sequins, Alexandria Quarterly, Body Without Organs, and K’in, among other places. She is a blog correspondent for Body Without Organs, an international literary journal for teenagers.

i sat down with the universe this morning

said i want to grow

& it brushed it off like it brushes off death

the vessel sailed until the sea

was a mirage and the anchor was inutile

& as silent as the words i spoke & it was all

a matter of learning how to be more assertive

against the waves less naive than i was

& then it brought every fish, didn’t bless it like jesus

did—because who has time for a blessing anyways—& told me

you’ve caught enough to share with the world do you have

any more questions?

then the anchor dropped before i could say anything else

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