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Katerina Stratos

Vivette, Beyond The Secret River: Edge of Cliff


Katerina Stratos is a photographer and digital artist based in Los Angeles. She has received a BA in Visual Communication Design, majoring in photography from the University of Technology, Sydney. Following several years working as a graphic designer and illustrator, Katerina attended the Australian Film, Television and Radio School where she completed a postgraduate course in production design for film. This led to working with the director Baz Luhrmann, where she was introduced to conceptual art and the notion of previsualizing scenes to facilitate a distinct visual style.


This particular combination of creative experiences has brought her to her current practice, melding together photography, digital illustration, set design, graphic design, storytelling and film. She works as a freelance photographer, designer and concept artist, collaborating primarily with filmmakers to visualize their ideas in the development stages of their film projects.


Katerina’s artwork focuses on a strong sense of narrative and creating immersive worlds within her images—part magic realism, part conceptual art, part graphic storytelling. She has a strong feminine perspective and is most interested in creating images with a compelling female voice. See more of her art at

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