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Cover Art: Wheat, Cynthia Yatchman 

Volume 9, Issue 3, 2023

Editor's Note



Poetic Foundations, by Suzanne S. Austin-Hill 

Nos Adornos, by Kennedy Garza Brown 

Premonition, by Eleanor Claire 

A Fan-Shaped Ginkgo Leaf— by Siyun Fang 

After my father dies I become, by Cordelia Hanemann 

Entrée, by Jessica Hudson 

Self-Portrait as a Silence, by Rhheaa Mehta 

Ordinary Green, by Donna Pucciani 

wintering. by Maddy Robinson 

We Are All In Motion, by Katie Squires  

Extraordinary Days, by Christopher Stolle  

Sal Grosso, by Yasmin Morais Torquato  

Flashback, by Kenton K. Yee 

Letter to My Grandparents, by Ellen Zhang 



Vous semblez hoister / You seem to hesitate, by JC Alfier  

out of darkness, by Rachel Benham 

Street Stars, by Willy Conley 

Title Needed, by Takwa Gordon   

Sophomores, by Jenn Powers  

Phrase Book by the Window, by Anna Smetanenko 

The Sun is the Canvas, by Oleg Sotnikov  

I Need to Touch Grass, by Heather Holland Wheaton 

The Last Warning, by Bill Wolak 

Wheat, Cynthia Yatchman 

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