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Colton Cushing

Masculine or masc is defined as, “having qualities or appearance traditionally associated with men.”
So, when can I stop playing pretend
When can I be one of the boys or men
Yes, I identify as trans masculine, it’s true
I’ll cover myself in navy blue 
I’ll dress masc 
And no one will ask
“What are your pronouns?”
And even the girls seem more chill than me 
I wonder, when will I be manly?
Why must I face emotional sensitivity?!
I need to bury my emotions 
And cry less oceans
I’ll dress masc 
So, no one will ask
“Are you
a girl?”
I’ll look to the sky so blue 
And I’ll wonder what I’ll have to do 
To keep my feelings inside 
Like any man would do with pride 
Keep it closed like a lock with no key
Soon I’ll be masc enough, just you wait and see.

Colton Cushing is 17 years old and attends Braden River High School. 

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