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  • Emily Blackwell

The Second Teen Issue is Here!

As a seventeen-year-old avid reader, I was honored to have joined 805’s editing team to help put together this issue, which is made up of work from creative teens all over the world. In browsing these pages, you will find art, poetry and prose that measures up to and sometimes exceeds the work by established adult creators in originality and ability. It’s hard to believe that many of these teen authors have never been published before, but it’s clear to see it won’t be their last time.

Despite the young ages of their creators, these pieces cover the whole range of human experience. From the dreamlike whimsy of “Water Fountain Children” to the dark fantasy of “The Factory,” this issue has something for everyone. I hope that this issue encourages the young writers published within to continue pursuing their literary and artistic careers, and inspires other teens to create their own masterpieces and find ways to share their work with others. Above all, I hope that every reader finds something special in these pages.

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