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Library Tech Tip: Serendipitous Phone Calls to Promote Community While in Quarantine

Updated: Mar 25

Necessity is the mother of invention, and many new apps and services have popped up to help people who are hunkering down during the Covid-19 pandemic. One great free service is Quarantine Chat.

Created by two long-distance friends, Quarantine Chat helps promote serendipitous conversations between strangers, all from the comfort of their homes. Anyone with a iPhone or Android phone can participate.

To sign up:

1. Go to quarantinechat.com

2. Enter your mobile number

3. Download the app called Dialup Audio

4. Enter the security code Dialup texts you

You'll be signed up to receive periodic calls that will show up on your caller ID as "QuarantineChat." Your phone number is not shared with other callers, and if you're not available when a call comes in, simply decline or ignore the call and it will roll on to the next person. All calls are made over the internet using your wifi or cellular data if you're not on wifi.

To make a call:

1. Open the Dialup Audio app

2. Tap Calls on the bottom of your screen

3. Tap Join a Line

The makers of the app remind users to be "kind and conscientious" to other callers, the service it is not for medical help.


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