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"Pandemic," a poem by Jean Ellis

Updated: May 28

A friend said

Hope this pandemic

Inspires you to create some poetry.

Well it did.

I am inspired to contact

Lots of friends and acquaintances.

I am worried

About family and friends

I want them to keep safe and well.

I worry about

Those I cannot contact

Whose mail boxes are full, or don’t don’t answer my e-mails.

I am worried

About the elderly and sick.

And though not sick, about myself.

I am worried

About those I cannot help

The homeless and veterans who suffer on the streets.

I worry about

The Nurses and Doctors

Who are separated from family by the work they do.

I am so grateful for

The First Responders, Doctors and Nurses

Who are giving up their lives to help others.

I am so grateful

For my family and friends who

Check on me often with love and inspiration.

I am hoping there is some being

Watching over us all.

Perhaps it is our time, but we do not know.

Jean Ellis is a retired secretary who has lived in Bradenton, FL for over 40 years. She has written poetry since her teens started to write again about 15 years ago.

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