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Plans for the Pandemic, by Suzanne Austin-Hill

This post by 805 contributor Suzanne S. Austin-Hill is part of our“My Home Library” series that features writers and artists enjoying their home libraries during the pandemic and beyond.

Once sequestered safe at home,

my mind began to spin;

three major projects I’ll complete;

plenty of time to begin.

Personal papers head the list,

name changes all in a queue.

What’s involved, do times six;

I stall, though long overdue.

A myriad of IDs and passwords,

my husband and I must confirm.

Pages upon pages, not sure where to start;

so on a need-to-know basis, we affirm.

In nine months I could have procreated,

but that time’s long since passed.

Instead I tackled the chaos

my home library had amassed.

Books moved from bed to shelves,

old friends rediscovered;

good advice, better ways of life,

a lifetime in math uncovered.


Suzanne S. Austin-Hill, Ph.D. is a retired mathematics educator. Over the last ten years, she has written hundreds of poems, many of which have been published and recognized on the state and national levels. Her photographs have been exhibited at shows in the Tampa Bay area. For Suzanne, poetry is an ointment, an elixir and a tonic that pours out from the heart. Her first book of poetry, Sixty-seven pages from the Heart, is a testimony to this.


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