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Social Media Tutorials to Keep You Connected

Photo by Adam Nieścioruk on Unsplash

With the Covid-19 pandemic forcing people to stay physically apart from friends and family, many have turned to social media as a way to connect with others. Below are free tutorials to help you learn how to use common social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.


Facebook is one of the first and largest social media networks. Many people use Facebook to post personal updates, check in on family, and follow news outlets. Many organizations have turned to Facebook to host live, virtual programs, such as the Manatee Libraries virtual book and movie discussions.


Twitter became popular for promoting short bursts of words called tweets. Many people use twitter to share their thoughts, follow politicians and celebrities, and have global conversations on topics. Use hashtags (#) to search for tweets on a specific topic, such as #bradenton or #covid19.


While Twitter is great for sharing words, Instagram is perfect for sharing photos, especially breathtaking photos. Instagram is very popular with celebrities and young people.


Nextdoor is the place to go for community information and can be thought of Facebook for your neighborhood. Members can ask their neighbors for recommendations, such as for a good plumber or math tutor. People also often post about lost and found pets, community events, and local news.


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