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805 Volume 1 Issue 1

Read here. The editorial team at 805 is proud to present our first issue to the world. We were thrilled to read all the submissions we received and to choose the very best for this publication. Many of the pieces are from authors and artists who have never been published before, and we are honored to showcase them...


T.R. Healy, Toots
Catherine Le Nguyen, Build-A-Baby
Matt Peters, It Works When You Work It


Jennifer Ammon, Author Bio


Alexandria Boire, Winter Offering
Teresa Falsani, To See the World...
Gordon Kuhn, Waitresses 


Cover: Jay Canterbury, The Lamp Was Here
Zachary Hartman, Hemingway's Typewriter, 
        Rustic Traditions 

Susan Michael, Traveler's Palm
Koral Novak, Horton Hears a What?
Tom Ruthz, African's Fighters 
Fabio Sassi, Metal Layers
Brandond Scott, Catch Me If You Can
Nancy Tobin, Silence
Joseph Weinzettle, Along US 19

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