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805 Volume 1 Issue 2

Read here. Our eagerly anticipated second issue of 805 is now available for you to enjoy. After our first issue was published, we were flooded with entries. Submitters from around the globe sent us their fiction, nonfiction, poetry, and art, and we relished reading and viewing every piece...


Kathryn Trattner, Run
Vivian McInerny, Snow Drifts  
Ben Thomas, The Buffalo  


Carolyn Stephens, Savage Beast


Jamie Lynn Heller, Seashell 
William Doreski, Water Music 
Richard King Perkins II, We Never Got Around to Scrapbooking


Cover: Gary Bartoloni, Daphne, 

        Boat on Dam Pond
John Lichtenstein, Colleen in the

        Sunflower Garden
Aya Atrox, The Countess 
Allen Forrest, Golden Arches,  
        Down and Out 

Simona Dancila, Sun and Moon,  

Paule Woolsey, Beyond the Veil 

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