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805 Volume 2 Issue 1

Read here. One year ago, our editors met for the first time to plan the launch of this journal. Since that first meeting, we have had the honor of publishing many authors and artists and sharing their talent with the world. In each issue, we aim to highlight at least one unpublished author or artist...


Mary O’Flynn, On a Quiet Street Where Old Ghosts Meet
Daniel Davis, The Fastest Vending Machine in the World
Joshua Joel Mohr, The Impossible Promise 
Jennifer Ammon, Sarah  


Liz Dean, Count the Semis


John Grey, Life of Pisces 
Brian Burmeister, More 
        Paper Words
        Present Tense


Cover: Steven Kenny, The Ribbons
Ann McGrath, Edinburgh Photographer 
Stephen Kenny, The Jellyfish  
Jane Horton, Shelf Life Collection:
        Aunt Fay 
        Camp Deerfield 
        Horace and Fay 
        John and Tod 
        Johnny, Fay, and Skip

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