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805 Volume 2 Issue 2

Read here. Being a part of this journal for the past year and a half has been an amazing experience. The quality of the work that we have received is extraordinary, and there have been moments where it felt almost impossible to choose what we would publish...


Allison Sobczak, Let Me Tell You a Story
Courtney Prather, Little Birch Tree
Tom Lin, Pages 


Julianne Carew, All-American Bullets


M. Drew Williams, Alzheimer’s
Hannah Warren, Ephemeral
Cyn Bermudez, Sirena
Steve Klepetar, The Evening of Saying Goodbye


Cover: From World of Wolli, Yanuary Navarro,

        Papita the Beast,
        Bow Heads, 

Cheryl Kinderknecht, Horse
Jorge Mendoza, Lo Que Deja Atrás 
Greg Lowman, Mullet Run 
From Happy, Sad, and Nostalgic Owls Jorge Mendoza,            Owl 2,
      Owl 5

Cheryl Kinderknecht, Skin Thief 
Alex Duensing, The Way of Families

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