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805 Volume 2 Issue 3

Read here. At this time of year, the veil between this world and the next falls away. Spirits and mortals pass back and forth between realms to commune in mystery. Art, if you will, whether written or visual, is where mortal and spirit tryst in the mind’s field of imagination...


Richard Herring, Equinox
Nick Gregorio, Wake Up Dead
Scott Petty, Eye Island
Andrew Pryor, Francesca
Lisa Verdekal, The Reign of Guilt


Megan Huxley, The Bad Word Death


Laurette Folk, Death
Stacy Kidd, An Opening to October
Brenda Mann Hammack,
        In Which the Countess Bathory Feels Her Age
Brontë Pearson, The Hunter


Cover: Brenda Mann Hammack, Atropos
Gary Bartoloni, Britta’s Tree
Nina Gregg, Human Specimen
Brenda Mann Hammack, Mrs. Danvers
Greg Lowman, Grizzly
Haylee Massaro, Desert Home
Jorge Luis Mendoza, Dalí
        Guitarras Para Fantasmas
Scott Petty, Backdoor
        Portland, Oregon
Fabrice Poussin, Choices Again
Jacob Welch, Every Battlefield and Patriot Grave

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