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805 Volume 3 Issue 1

Read here. The year 2016 saw the loss of great artists, writers, and musicians. But this difficult time only demonstrated that we need more art to come home to, to help us cope, or to aid us in discovering a new perspective...


Jennifer Ammon, Chemistry, Flash Fiction Contest Winner
Craig Berry, How to Weigh Nothing
Sara Cutaia, Sinner
Kristi Hebert, Snapshots
Tara Roeder, Penelope Parker Barnett


Alyssa Oursler, Mixed Emojis


Patrick Bower, The George Washington Bridge
Tim Lavis, two-hundred


Cover: Paule Woolsey, Moon Dogs
D.H. Kelly, Fish
Sloppy James, That The Sky Is Above Us, Even When We Do Not See It
Jennifer Lothrigel, A Part Of

Keith Moul, Lake Louise
Paule Woolsey, Hanging

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