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805 Volume 3 Issue 2

Read here. An unexpected theme stringing the pieces of this issue together is forgiveness. Merriam-Webster defines “forgive” as “to give up resentment of claim to requital; to grant relief from payment of.” Some of the characters in this issue are able to “give up” their feelings of hurt towards the hometown that poisons them...


Julianne Carew, Overboard 
Mitchell Krockmalnik Grabois, Uke 
Mina Le, Other People’s Weddings 
Rebecca Pincolini, Mouth-Breather 
Abigail Wotton, I Am The Real Gecko 


Megan Chambers, Down-Winders 
Anja Schatz, K.W. 


Lana Bella, Midnight in San Mateo’s Hospice 
Susan Bruce, Ribbon 1 
Brontë Pearson, Fish Hooked 
Milena Petrovic, Let Me Tell You About White


Cover: Laine Nixon, Zuhanden 05
Catherine Cates, Vacancy 
Kyle Hemmings, Broken Sky 

Laine Nixon, Zuhanden 12
Csilla Petofi, Palette Monster

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