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805 Volume 4, Issue 1

Read here. In the nonfiction essay “The Wilmington Airship of 1897,” author LeeAnna Lawrence equates a mass UFO sighting with a mandala, a symbol for a subconscious craving for unity and wholeness. The people of Wilmington, North Carolina looked up to the sky and yearned for cohesion and peace after years of racial tension, but an end to the tension came in a very human and horrific form...



Kent Kosack, The Mannequin Game


Robin Gow, Blueblood
Samantha Krause,
Rich Houses

LeeAnna Lawrence, The Wilmington Airship of 1897



Catherine Fisher, On Loss
Thomas Jarrell, Suffering
Anna Maria Little, Tribute to My Mother



Cover: Annett Müller-Dorn, The legs of the actress

Matteo Bona, Tulips
Ciro Flores, The Beginning, the Middle, and the End
Rees Nielsen, Pride Up the Backstretch
         Time Slips Away
Lauren Segarra, Annamaria

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