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From the Editor



Teri Moore, Motherhood

Sarah Richter, Illuminated

Karoline Schaufler, Real

Matthew Talamini, Zeus and Earth and Light

Samantha Toner, Garden of Bones



Lara Arikan, Night-song

Victoria Mullis, i wake with the moon on my chest

           today the sun

Jordan Elizabeth Smith, Mont Saint Michel

Non Fiction


Becka Fergusson-Lutz, Buzz Cut



Menat Allah El Attma, Girl in Bus

            Niqab Woman

Kit Alloway, Closer Than You Are

            Hand of God

Kyle Hemmings, Round City II

Keith MoulDestination Place

            Destined for Catalogs

            Keep Moving, Nothing to See

Rick Pieto, going on i go

            not into oz

Silas Plum, Lost Vulture


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