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From the Editor

This summer marked 805’s fourth anniversary, and we are happy, though still a bit surprised to release our 20th issue. This issue features three interconnected poems by Vermont-based poet Rebecca Cross. Each poem features women in a sideshow act, and Cross’s lines whisper the gentle brutality and universal truths of a woman’s existence. Two of the women are twins, and the theme of duality appears throughout the issue.

In “The Thousandth Grain of Sand” by Korbin Jones, a transgender man contemplates his future as he secretly watches his grieving husband through a window. In “Drought Magic” by Csilla Richmond, the protagonist grapples with the memory of her former partner who fluctuated between ethereal radiance and volatile cruelty. A mother in Patricia Bidar’s “The Other Susana” worries about her absent, rebellious son while she falls into the role of protector for her young coworker. In “The Tear Market” by Madison Greenly, an elderly man shows a jaded merchant that tears can be for more than sorrow.

The art in this issue includes exquisite painting, collage, mixed media, digital art, photography, and drawing. The cover art for this journal, “lo p” by Chicago-based artist Sujon Nadeau, is a line-drawn portrait that is much like a perfect circle; its simple appearance belies the mastery of skills needed to create something with seeming effortlessness. Just like this drawing, all the writing and art we’ve championed for the last four years also has appeared effortless but took a great deal of work and courage from our talented contributors. We look forward to another 20 issues of perfect circles.

The 805 Team  


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