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From the Editor

The lush, green leaves that hang on the trees during the seemingly endless days of summer will slowly dry out until they fall. They may dry slowly, then gently ride a soft breeze down to the ground. They may brown abruptly and crash to the ground from violent weather. Either way, one moment they will be alone, no longer connected to the safety of their tree, free-falling as time rises to meet them.

Just like leaves, the narrators in this issue find themselves suddenly unattached and falling, a feeling we all experience as we grow up. We are ripped from the safety of our tree, whether by choice or by force. Left on our own, we find the ride down to the ground either exhilarating or terrifying. Or both. As you watch the leaves turn outside, slow down time for a brief moment and enjoy the stories, essays, poetry, and art we’ve collected as a literary wreath.  


Enjoy the fall.

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