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Carlos Lorenzana


A Guatemalan native, Carlos Lorenzana moved to Chicago with his mother and sister at age six and has cultivated an artful life long since. During his youth, he discovered Chicago's urban street art culture and used concrete and steel as his two main canvases. Strictly working with aerosol paint and markers, he defines his visual art as belonging to a bold yet fluid, non-objective world. After receiving an associate in graphic design at Robert Morris College, he felt it was time to experience larger mediums of style in digital art and pursued an education in computer animation at Illinois Institute of Art in Chicago and applied significant value to 3D texture, contrast, and depth, in his paintings. Influenced by ancient civilizations, mythology, and spiritualism, his work creates an understanding of how all of these intersect and form a collective consciousness. An artist aspiration dear to him is to create art that audiences will reflect upon, use as a means to search for their own narrative, and plug into a global consciousness that leaves the subject out of focus. 

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