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At the Beach

Michael Noonan


Michael Noonan comes from Halifax (home of the Piece Hall), West Yorkshire. Has a background in retail, food production, and office work. He has had artworks published in literary journals in the US, UK, and internationally, including After the Pause, Utopia Science Fiction Magazine, Noctivigant Press, Baby Teeth Journal, the Odd Magazine, Wild Roof Journal, Press Pause Press, the Hooghly Review, Last Leaves Magazine, The Concrete Desert Review, Full House Literary Magazine, and Spellbinder, literary and arts quarterly. He won a runner up prize for a black and white line drawing in a competition run by Arts and Illustrators Magazine in the UK. His drawings, “The Pedestrian Centre” and “Fun Girl,” for which he has been awarded certificates, were shown at the CityScapes and Figurative art exhibitions, run by the Light, Space and Time online art gallery in America and can be seen on their YouTube videos. His own paintings can be seen on the cover of a volume of his short stories Seven Tall Tales. One of his drawings is on the cover of a novella Deadman's Treasure. He admires the great surrealist artists like Rene Magritte, Max Ernst, and Chirico; and his particular favourite is Yves Tanguy. He likes and admires the dreamlike and subversive quality of their work, and his own artworks have a tendency towards the offbeat and the unusual. 

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