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Pauline Peters 

I will speak one day

when the world doesn’t bruise my lips,

when my words are not overripe,

when the wasps disperse,

when the fruit is firm.

Then I will speak of gorgeous scars

and rough truths found

at the bottom of dry wells,

and I will speak of slim silent animals

grazing at dusk, and of the rising wind

flinging her willow green hair against the sky.

And I will speak of the quilt of night sewn

by dark hands ancient and terrible,

dark hands that reach through

centuries of rivers,

to grasp and guide my own.

Pauline Peters lives in Toronto, Canada. Her work has been published in The Fiddlehead, PRISM international, The Malahat Review and elsewhere. She has been nominated for a Pushcart Prize and her chapbook The Salted Woman is available through Hedgespoken Press.

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