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Print Anthology Now Available!

805's print anthology includes selected art, poetry, and prose from our first five issues.

805 Anthology

Copies can purchased  at the Central Library Friends BookStore for $10. To receive a mailed copy, please first mail a $10 check made out to the "Friends of the Central Library" to:

Manatee County Central Library

Attn: Stephanie Katz

1301 Barcarrota Blvd W

Bradenton, FL 34205

Or, borrow a copy.

Funds to print this anthology were generously donated by the Friends of the Central Library, a 501(c)3 organization that supports library programming.  All money collected will be used to print the next anthology.



Jennifer Ammon, Sarah
Daniel Davis, The Fastest Vending Machine in the World
Vivian McInerny, Snow Drifts
Joshua Joel Mohr, The Impossible Promise
Matt Peters, It Works When You Work It
Courtney Prather, Little Birch Tree
Kathryn Trattner, Run


Jennifer Ammon, Author Bio
Julianne Carew, All-American Bullets
Liz Dean, Count the Semis


Cyn Bermudez, Sirena
Brian Burmeister, Present Tense
William Doreski, Water Music
Jamie Lynn Heller, Seashell
Steve Klepetar, The Evening of Saying Goodbye


Aya Atrox, The Countess
Gary Bartoloni, Daphne (Cover 1:2)
Jay Canterbury, The Lamp Was Here (Cover 1:1)
Alex Duensing, The Way of Families
Jane Horton, Aunt Fay, Shelf Life Collection
Steven Kenny, The Jellyfish + The Ribbons (Cover 2:1)
Sasha Rose Khatami, High Flying (Cover Teen Issue)
Cheryl Kinderknecht, Horse + Skin Thief
John Lichtenstein, Colleen in the Sunflower Garden
Greg Lowman, Mullet Run
Jorge Luis Mendoza, Lo Que Deja Atrás
Yanuary Navarro, Bow Heads + Papita the Beast (Cover 2:2)
Paule Woolsey, Beyond the Veil

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