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805 Volume 4, Issue 1

Read here. This issue in front of you is our most international issue yet. The pieces inside will transport you across the world. Our art will take you to the streets of Nepal and Ethiopia, and our prose will take you to Saudi Arabia and the London Underground. But these pieces won’t just move you geographically, they’ll yank you back to the person you were in college...



Christopher J. Adams, 20:43
Jill Caugherty, Real People
Kelsey Landhuis, Rapture Shoes
Jennifer Leiker, Stranger Things


Julia Kantic, Button Tin



Haley Karin, Loss of Face
       Thoughts and Prayers
       When They Came for the House




Cover: Bredt Bredthauer, Children at Play, Durbar Square

W. Adams, Mr. Jones Tea 2897
       Rescue Party 11471
Bredt Bredthauer, Kathmandu Series
       Anonymous Man Sitting on Thamel Street
       Nepalese Soldier Guarding Temple Ruins
       One Pedicab, No Tourists
       Woman as Seen Between Between Stone Lion’s Legs

Julia Justo, The Women’s March
Nat Kasper, Ethiopia Square
Matthew Morpheus, The First After God
Jamie Stoneman, Noon Sunlight

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