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805 First Poetry Issue

Read here Spring has arrived, and with it, the potential for a sociocultural awakening through art. Change and meta - morphosis are happening all around us. People are coming together to challenge and reshape societies throughout the world. Poetry, along with all of the arts, has the ability to cross cultures and generations...


Carl Boon, Gavrilo,

Carol Hamilton, Inventories 
        Plaster, Straw, Brown Paper Bags 

Mary Honaker, A Far Peak,
        Fog on Derby Wharf 

Seth King, At the Church
Jordan Nate, After 50 Years 
Anne Britting Oleson, Hampstead Heath 
Bria Rivet, For Avi 
Thomas Tucker, Storm,
        We Burn the Wood

Riley Welch, Goodnight, 
        On a Wednesday 


Cover: Karen Neuberg, Muse at Work II
Harshal Desai, Psychedelic Oil Bubbles 
Alex Duensing, Apocrypha
Jennifer Gibson, Chris 
Kyle Hemmings, Odds/Ends 

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