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805 First Teen Issue

Read here. It is with great pleasure that the editors of 805 present our inaugural Teen Issue. When we started combing through the submissions for our first publication, we discovered a unique talent bubbling under the surface of our creative community—teens...


Kay Bookman, A Contest
Markella Paradissis-Wagner, Cold Love  
Kiarra Louis, Remember 
Luke Valadie, Restructuring 
Astrian Horsburgh, The Truth in the Lies


Gyury Lee, Korean-American Misnomer  


Chloe Thomas, Broken Bones 
Joshua Evangelista, The Sandman 
Ellen Zhang, Hieratic Dermis,  
        On Nets and Roadmaps

Julianna Foster, how to take up space when small  
Trynity Kurlychek, The Yeti  
Jackson Mejia, The Ivory Tower  
Courtney Zoller, My Fault


Cover: Sasha Rose Khatami, High Flying
Najja Lewis, A Touch of Perfection  
Brittany Traxler, Awning Waters,  

        Coastal Blue
Kayla Chatham, Boy Drinking Tea 
Melinda Mitchell, Calm Waters 
Emily Derrick, Dreaming of the Beach 
Somya Pathak, Eye of the Storm  
Danny Oratokhai, Heart Strings  
Roshan Warman, James Bond’s Car From

        the Eyes of a Teenager
Nicholas Dasovich, Lone Bird 
Jackson Helwege, Members Only 
Olivia Hamel, Paws in Water 
Anmol Warman, The Penciled Reflection

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