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Listening to be Heard

Kate Moores

My mother’s ears hear everything

She listens to the child's lie

The student’s silent cry

The heavy sigh and the roll of eye

And the “I can’t” for “I'm too scared to try”


She listens to the Bible

And the values she holds dear

She listens in alarm as they seem to disappear

She listens to the fighters, the one who won't give up

She listens as more and more wake up


She listened from her baby's coo

To her teen’s “She had the nerve to”

My mother listens to her father’s stories

And her mother’s needs

But most of all she listens to me


She listened to her passion calling

Lifted them up when they started falling

Was there when her child started crawling

All with grace unpausing

Listening to Be Heard

Kate Moores is 16 years old and attends Cardinal Mooney Catholic High School.

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