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1877 to COVID-19, by Kate MacDonald

Updated: Feb 5, 2021

Kate MacDonald's poem traces her books with publications spanning centuries. This post is part of 805's “My Home Library” series that features writers and artists enjoying their home libraries.

This is a small part of my library, books I've accrued through the years,

we start with Sir Walter Scott's Waverley Novels, penned in 1877.

Some other favourites would be Pickwick Papers, Miller's Antique Price Guides, and

anything by Elizabeth Peters or Christie, via James Bond and Secret Service heaven.

There are other bookcases crammed with all my cookbooks,

by Fanny Craddock, Keith Floyd, Auguste Escoffier and more.

Next are comics, Andy Capp, The Perishers, and good old Giles.

All of them have had me smiling until my jaws were sore.

But throughout the months of shielding from this silent viral assassin,

one writer and the characters he brought to life has saved the day.

Here's my accolade to a man who's imagination is limitless,

and when he beckons I'm a child again and want to play.


I was first introduced to the stories of a duo called Calvin and Hobbes,

when my children asked for a bedtime tale, it's one of those parenty jobs.

We grit our teeth for the umpteenth repeat of a Princess, a Frog, and a kiss,

but they fooled me, my little darlings, with this combo that could not miss.

Here's Hobbes, at first glance a toy Tiger, if there are other people about,

but when these two are alone, he's real, of that there is no doubt.

Now Calvin, he looks at the world with contempt, an out and out cynic at six.

I enjoyed as much as my children did every time he got in a fix.

From that very first day until now, I've devoured every book I could buy,

and knowing there won't be another just makes me want to shout “Why?”

Bill Watterson, you are a legend, you've given us so much joy.

My daughters and I want to thank you, for that Tiger and that little boy.


Kate MacDonald is a retired, septuagenarian insomniac who is grateful for the extra time to play. During the day she dabbles in buying junk and selling “Antiques” online, but writing has become her quiet passion, so suitable to help fill the still dark hours. Kate has only returned to writing in the past few months. She also enjoy Macramé (Knotty) and making String n Pin pictures (Painful).


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Daniel Smith
Daniel Smith
Sep 19, 2022

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