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Delta Means Change, by Lisa Lundeen

Updated: Oct 26, 2021

Wood collage with orange and red flower, rocks, and other shapes layered on top
Sidewalk 2, by Clairette DG

What is the landscape of

my life these days? Mudflat

sounds about right—the mud

part and the flat part, messy,

shoe-sucking, unpredictable

depths of murk in the vast

expanse, a floodplain that

stretches and contracts with

seasonal rainfall like my own

deluges of past trauma within

very real ecosystems of hope,

balances delicate, survival fierce,

the place where riverflow meets

salt: ocean, tears, that which spoils

crops but allows brackish-loving

creatures to thrive, animals built

for estuary, transitions and in-

betweens, in a way that I’m not

but perhaps wish I had been,

like grasses that bend with wind

and wave, instead of breaking

and breaking again, brittle with

change and too damp for kindling,

vulnerable to whatever comes next


From the North Carolina piedmont, Lisa Lundeen is a lover of words and wonder, especially all things nature. She is a grateful parent and a board certified chaplain, and she prizes the work of accompanying people through their toughest—and often richest—times. This is her debut poetry publication, and chapbook Wood-Solace, or a Return to Belonging is forthcoming with Plants & Poetry.


Clairette DG is a visual poet and book designer, born in France and currently living in the beautiful Central Coast of California.She practices art and writing everyday and designs books for indie presses and authors. She's also an occasional French teacher and the Artistic Director of Mad Gleam Press, a bilingual collective of writers and artists based in Monterey CA, New-York, and Paris.


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