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No Such Thing as Too Many Books, by Kathleen Joy Anderson

This post is part of 805's “My Home Library” series that features writers and artists enjoying their home libraries.

My books spill out along the spreading shelves,

Proclaiming each my literary bent

For memoir, novel, poetry, and art,

Kids’ books, and travel; of none do I repent.

So varied, yet related through their form,

Containing truth and wisdom, while they’ve sought

To make of me a citizen well-read

Through imagery, philosophy, and thought.

My friends dePaola, Keltz, Kirkpatrick, Tan,

Jane Austen, Cleary, Boynton, and Alcott.

The list goes on and grows with each new find:

Collins, Smiley, Tyler, Sacks, LaMott…

Each a companion capturing my mind who

Would sate my thirst for meaning in their words

L’Engle, Sendak, Durrell, Whitely, Sayer,

Peterson, Heyer, Penney, Borg, Rendell…

I could go on and on and on and on

To live without them, what would be the point?

A life unread, unthought, unwritten, dull,

I know that I could never be content

Without those volumes filling up my space

That indicate to me a life well spent.


Kathleen Joy Anderson is a retired elementary school librarian who has always loved poetry but has only begun to write poems in the past five years. She is a voracious and wide-ranging reader but especially enjoys British detective novels and authors' memoirs.


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