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Summer Hunt, by Edward Valladao

Updated: Oct 26, 2021

When we were young

We treasure hunted

Under plum trees

For what our arms

Couldn’t reach,

Our joy ripening

As we picked

Amongst the mushy

Multitude strewn

Across the grass

Like maimed soldiers,

Tossing them

Over our shoulders,

Squished between our toes

With disgusted delight.

Until found is the prize​

Held up like a

Sapphire in the sky

And in seconds devoured,

Pure happiness spoiled

As soon as the juicy

Flavor subsides.

Daydreams in Winter, by Tiffany Grimm

Edward Valladao is a writer from California.


Tiffany Grimm is a library assistant with Manatee Libraries. New to Florida, she's enjoying the sun, lizards, and books. She is currently working on a Masters degree in Library Sciences. This is her debut art publication.


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