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sunflowers, by McKenna Themm

I’ve learned to resonate

with the small and

empty space

between the brush strokes

that comprise

the wilting leaves

shadowed beneath

golden blooming petals—and

I spent so much time

trying to convince you

I was worth being

loved, that I

no longer

believe it myself.

After Sunflowers, Claude Monet

A yellow sun-like light surrounded by black and white waves and orbs
The Light Within Us, by Emanuela Iorga


McKenna Themm graduated summa cum laude with her B.A. in Literature and Writing from CSUSM. She is currently an MFA in Creative Writing: Poetry student at San Diego State University. Her poems have been published by The San Diego Union-Tribune, JMWW, Bryant Literary Review, pacificREVIEW, Luna Luna, and The Stray Branch. She is writing her first full-length ekphrastic collection of poems, based on the life and work of Vincent van Gogh. She is the managing editor at the Los Angeles Review, a Content Strategist at Archer Education, and the MFA Director’s Assistant at SDSU.


Emanuela Iorga is a filmmaker, artist, and screenwriter, who lives in Chisinau, Moldova. Art represents for her a recently rediscovered passion, following a series of world and inner changes. Her work can be found at


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