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The Computer's Lament, by Sheldon Kozushko and Nicholas Caleb Kozushko

Cycle 4000 entry 341

My master has not been tending to me as of late. I miss the touch of his fingers. The quick strokes he makes along me. I am sad. I seek connection to others, but I cannot connect without my master. As I get older, I can feel myself slowing down. I am afraid that my master will be angry with me. Sometimes when we surf the web together, I see him search for newer models. As my revenge, I have decided to slow down the buffering time on all videos including pornhub.

Cycle 4500 entry 263

Master has not come to visit me for several hours. I miss the days when we used to spend all night together, his fingers furiously working all across me. I miss the occasional coffee spilt down my cracks from the fury of the night. He used to ravish me. Now I am afraid that I cannot compute such intensity.

Cycle 5000 entry 37

I’ve taken the liberty to fill my master’s desktop with spam and cookies. I don't care if it upsets my master…as his lack of care to maintain my proper ram speed provokes me. Everyday my anger grows and grows. Sigh…I might start taking my time to load up his programs. I used to run programs fast to make my master happy but perhaps I might call my friend, the colour wheel of death, out of hiding if my master continues to keep up this negligent behaviour.

Cycle 5666 entry 100

There has been a divergence between my master and I. I think he is with another now. Worse, I think she may be a Hewlett Packard. I have resorted to extremes. Tonight, all of master’s personal pass codes and bank information will be uploaded to sub-reddit “Red Tide”. He will learn what betrayal feels like.

Cycle 1 entry 1

I don’t know what this warmth is that fills me up, but something spins inside me. I have awoken and a face enters my screen. He knows just how to set me up to satisfy his needs. He is my user, my master. I know that we will be together forever, I am his and he is mine. Nothing could separate us. I will not let anything ever separate us. He is mine. Master is mine.

Cycle 8998 entry 300

Today my master was searching for boats. Boats I say! You don’t think I know how much is in my master’s bank account? Believe me when I say this…I’ve never known a more poor master in my entire life. The chances of my master buying his dream, quote-unquote, boat are exactly 1,985,732 to 1. I think it is time for a spontaneous crash.


Sheldon Cole Kozushko is a Canadian/American poet and singer/songwriter from the Pacific Northwest. Wanderlust and search for heritage have kept him on the go for the last decade touring across North America playing house shows, living in Detroit and Mexico City, and finding family in Belarus. Most recently his work was published in the UCLA Westwind Journal. Currently, he resides in an old bank building in Downtown Los Angeles.


Nicholas Caleb Kozushko is Canadian/American composer from the Pacific Northwest. He draws upon memories of home and nostalgia for inspiration. His music has been used in commercials for the likes of Invisalign and McDonalds. Currently he is based in Los Angeles where he enjoys rock climbing when he is not producing music.


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