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There was no paradise behind, by Aaqib Khatibi

Updated: Aug 24, 2021

This piece is part of our “Tails + Tales” teen summer writing initiative inspired by the 2021 national summer reading theme chosen annually by the Collaborative Summer Library Program.

Paths too long to be traced, don’t look behind there was no paradise behind

It was the journey from dusk to dawn, from disaster to triumph and triumph over disaster

You can’t see the glory at the gate, dusk and dawn shines the same

But even the sun baffles with the twilight it forms, no regrets for us

Sometimes it looks more mesmerizing, the time we trodden

You will remember the pleasant roses, never forget the thorns underneath

No one smells the roses when the thorns stab the feet, desolate floors better than bleeding feet

Don’t fantasize about colored glasses over gold, broken gold never slits the veins

The breeze sways beyond the oceans, it takes you from the islands to the peninsula

Sometimes it whispers on the ears, words which may tickle or bleed

Never be afraid to lose yourself with the breeze, it takes you where to belong

When the cold breeze settles and no leaf shivers, then you know it’s the tail of the tale,

then you know you are there.


Aaqib Khatibi is a freelance author and creative writer. His different literary pieces have been parts of literary magazines across the globe both in English and his native language Hindi. He is working on his upcoming first print and online book. He also published academic essays, opinions, and SEO-based articles.


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