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tsuki ga kirei desu ne, by Yashika Doshi

The sun has let go for the moon to begin surfacing,

as the multitude of colours erupt in the sky,

you curl your fingers and lace them in mine, as if light is something you can hold,

they say that you should write about things you know, and yet I chose to write about love,

but they also say you should write about things you hold close,

and then I chose you as my muse,

this is not a new story anyway,

just a documentation of a feeling,

commonly known as love,

giving it a home in your heart,

and how I really wanted to remember this home was in all its chaotic glory,

open peach tins, piles of papers and books, an unfurled mattress,

so I stopped tidying,

and now you’d think this mess was caused by moving,

but really it was created because we were living.


An economist by the day and a writer in the search of a perfect cup of coffee, Yashika Doshi can be found curled up near a window, lost in a book on a rainy day. She started writing because to her, it felt like coming home and exploring a different world of stories at the same time. She finds comfort in knowing that she will always have writing by her side, despite everything life has in store.

She believes that the smallest act of kindness takes one a long way and that magic does exist, in falling stars as well as in the calmness one feels by being around loved ones. Some of her other favorite things include handwritten letters, the smell of old books and comfortable silences.


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