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and she is mine

Trinity Carlbom

She is archipelago made

like sun-roof drawn and child kissed

bleach-washed jeans and

refrigerator smell—the new kind

like dryer sheets textured

and coffee stained teeth


She is curves and

4c hair, split and braided towards

the end of my lips

like 7-eleven sushi,

the Hawai’i kind

and her ridges, her bumps

shining rainbowed stretch-marks

are like trails of shooting stars

that jump under my touch


She is golden breaths

like tangy smile wet

and chicken-skin taste

her freckles like supernova blasts

splating of star-dust explosions

end down her back


She is loud and unmade

unapologetic for both

her feet like rivers, toe-tipped dancing

body swaying and scarf flying

her voice honey-dripped

like powdered-sugar sticky

mouthing my name

like christmas came early


this woman,

my stronghold clay

i, her mountain climb

she is love

and she is mine

Trinity Carlbom is currently a senior at the University of Chaminade of Honolulu, studying both English and Psychology. She, however, likes to call herself an ongoing student of life and the creative word most fittingly. When she isn't expressing herself through poem-ing, you can find her trying to convert nouns into verbs, arguing about the legitimacy of certain words during Scrabble, and navigating young adulthood as best as she can through way too much coffee and not enough sleep. Trinity hopes that through her poetry, she can educate the world a little more, leaving behind diversity, connection, and equality.

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