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Kolbe Riney

How do I tell

the old ones

of my dreams

of silk:


the kind

that fall

from corn,


on the pillowcase

as threads

on a loom,

and my fingers

the shuttle;


the kind

that drift


under my palms

as we wash

side by side

in the dark waters

of a lake,

our heels

a swirl

in ink;


the kind

that breathe

to meet

the plunge

of my tongue

my ear

to a shell.


How do I speak

of the many long nights


loving you

in silence?

Kolbe Riney is a queer poet and student based out of Tucson, Arizona. Their work is featured or forthcoming in Camas Magazine, Panoplyzine, Open: Journal of Arts & Letters, and others. Learn more at

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