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805 Second Teen Issue

Read here. Despite the young ages of their creators, these pieces cover the whole range of human experience. From the dreamlike whimsy of “Water Fountain Children” to the dark fantasy of “The Factory,” this issue has something for everyone. I hope that this issue encourages the young writers published within to continue

pursuing their literary and artistic careers, and inspires other teens to create their own masterpieces and find ways to share their work with others. Above all, I hope that every reader

finds something special in these pages...


Gillian Chapman, Fleur 
Audrey Chin, Strong
Sarah Feng, Tenebrism 
Danielle Richardson, The Factory 



Maya Rabinowitz, Growing Up Girl 
Maddie Woda, Four Hours 
Caitlin Washnock, On Fantasy 



Moira Armstrong, Pocket Feminism 
Regina Caggiano, The Ceilingless Room 
Hamzah Jhaveri, Three Lists 
Marysa Lee, Clown 
        The Telescope 

Henry McClure, Breath 
Lucia Ponader, Us 
Grace Rowe, I Have a Brain Tumor and I’m Happy All the Time 
Angela Soria, What I Have Known 
Gareth Turner, last stop 
Lina Zhang, a modern movement 


Graphic Fiction

Erik Jasek, Clairvuyance 



Cover: Ross Allison, Art For Album Covers: "Foxygen - ...And 

        Star Power"
Rosella Birgy, Amen 
        Water Fountain Children 

Ava Borte, Blue Girl 
Gabe Hales, Looking In 
Noelle Hendrickson, Took the One Less Travelled By 
Betsy Jenifer, Asphalt Jungle 
        Dip Into the Universe 
        From Eden 

Marysa Lee, Friesian At Sunset 
Jessika Raisor, Leaving/Returning 
Ashley Simms, Happy & Sweet 
Dimithry Victor, Frustration 
Alyssa Williams, Double Exposed 

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