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Splintering Truths

Reva Gandhi

Flowers weave through her hair, wilting like the end of fall

Nobody knows who she really is, beneath all those walls

The timeless laughter and endless thoughts

Would anyone find her before all was lost

Silent tears burning red,

And her warm gaze as cold as the frost

Who she is not important,

But rather who she will become


Her trust burrowed deep below, ice splintering her skin

Fighting the urge to fold, losing the will to win

The betrayal, the traitor

A wound too deep to close

Every glance and whisper makes the pain grow

Rumors fly about her; nobody knows what she knew

One big secret can lose all the love that was once true

But beneath all the scars, even she wishes for the truth


The volcano erupting, tipping over its edge

The scales of justice unbalanced to meet your end

The desperate need to prove and constant fight for worth

When no one really knows how much you hurt

Your fake façade and constant denial

But underneath your looks, comes the truth hidden for miles

Your masquerade made for a good show

Faking it all – the laughter, the smiles

Until the curtains close, and the fiery light dims down low

That’s when your hopeful smile fills with sorrow

Reva Gandhi is 18 years old and attends Lakewood Ranch High School.

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