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Who Knows Why?

Marium Naz

Who knows why the flowers are refusing to open?

Now no one cares for the fairy kings, they’re in love with their purple rings.

The birds are begging to be noticed, while drinking from tiny teacups.

I’m so sorry to say but your feet have run away,

Who knows what they have taken?

You don’t need to be afraid to fall now;

The edge of the cliff will now bring you to life,

But who knows why?

Maybe the cliff is done with being the reason why we die.

Who wants blood constantly staining their hands?

Covering everything they touch with blood,

Don’t hold your loved ones, you will paint them red.

They will scream and scream and see, your true color bleed through.

Who knows who will stay with you?


Who knows why the wind isn’t screaming anymore?

The cat with no ears has stolen the ogre’s vocal cords.

We all now know The Fire Queen is the Ice people’s deepest desire, 

Who knows what will come to pass if they feel her fire?

The fools say she’s nothing but a scorching charm, a flame with a pretty, pretty name.

The Mage laughs as she carries on playing cards with the tongue-less guard.

Who knows what he wants to say when he smiles?


He cut his own tongue off for he was cursed,

Cursed to only say things that make teardrops and hearts bleed.

Who knows what he said to make his loved ones weep?

Who knows where we will find peace?

Even the sea beasts have heartbeats, and like me they search for the lavender sea.

Who knows what is in their dreams?

The shadows are so beautiful, and their voices are so sensual.

They say you’ll never forget them; the drunken toad tells us he’s numb.

The crow is magnificent and it squawks at the scummy Sun again and again.

Now all the horses have shrunk and they’re running wild to the champion.

Dancing and singing on the ice rink, the sky is pink.

Who knows why the flowers are refusing to open?

Marium Naz is eighteen years old and lives in Manatee County.

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