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Sean Mayfair

This year you aren’t taking French

Just because it wasn’t offered

It’s not like that was important

Foreign language greatly suffered


“Not a graduation requirement,” as you have been told

Even though they freely acknowledge

It is a key to good college

Just makes their plain statement more bold


Moreover, you are missing out on art

A safe space where you could relax and just express

Now, it’s hard for you to find the time

Where you have a simple moment’s rest


Just ignore your dropping grades

Administration made the call

Second quarter, made the claim

Students’ grades had raised, though not for you at all


And it’s not like you’ve seen the counselor

She’s busy with the ones who work on-campus

Too much effort on their part 

To send a copy-pasted message


Thinking that your grades reflect your health

Lies so far from what is true

You spend all of your time on pools of work

Every drop of it consumed


But really, what’s the matter?

You are simply just too stressed

It’s only what makes up your future

And the impact you can make… you guess


Education is a “privilege”

I’ll leave that to interpretation

But that doesn’t change the fact I feel

Youth have been failed by the county, state, and nation

Sean Mayfair is sixteen years old and attends Braden River High School.

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