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Isaac Diaz

Welcome to this planet of mine,

C'mon down and spend some time,

Burning fossil fuels is bad (this we'll learn with time).

Where we'll treat each other like grime,

Where the presidents are difficult and chock full of rage,

Overlords of a mechanical world promoting the phrase (Guns Save).

Where the world is diseased and we are the plague,

But we don't mind, in a couple of years we'll be too dead to care,

Doesn't seem like my problem if my children's lungs can't retain foul air,

Stopped giving a damn since I started to lose hair—

I've lived my life and I've enjoyed it,

Will my children live a long life? It's a coin flip.

I keep asking these troubled kids where the smoke is.

All these articles must be made up, who wrote this?

All this global warming doesn't seem too warm to me (he says),

This world doesn't seem borderline catastrophic to me (he says),

As forests over entire countries burn,

No action he takes.

To this world's critical situation, less and less attention he pays—

For the youth, it's very real,

A daunting task, a noteworthy ordeal,

To make our planet last.

As corporations’ and puppeteers’ pollutions over the years

cause our efforts to be crumpled up and hurled.

Forced to idly watch as they devour our already fragile world.

Isaac Diaz is fifteen years old and attends Manatee High School.

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