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Cassidee Calamaras

I don't know what I'm doing
I could lie and say I'm fine
But my facade is crumbling, aged like wine
Yet this wine has gone bitter, something worthy of fainting
Doubtful grapes fermented in confidence, all contact tainting
The liquid is thick, constricting your throat
Making it difficult to properly emote
The world goes black,
The color of the wine
Making you utter words unable to take back,
Marking the broken bed where you lie
What of this wine, offering drunken haze?
Stirring regret, chaos turned to craze.
This is not wine, but a poison of my own brew
Trapped in a cage, only the bars to chew
I do this to myself, one's own insanity
But is madness just glorified naivety?
This house is my own, boards broke and rotten
Left bare in my mind, to be forgotten
If only action was as easy as written word
I'd be on top of the world, bearing mighty sword
Reality crashes in, I freeze and still my breath
My heart keeps pounding, trying to burst from my chest
The cage shut, locked with no key
I'm fine, that's all you need to see

Cassidee Calamaras is 17 years old and attends Lakewood Ranch High School.

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