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Psalms of Brujas 3

Asantewaa Boykin

She be
Busy counting
Stars and sheep
Decoding algorithms
Without end
Earth can't
Be flat
Cause her belly
Addition time and space
Though, a continuum
Could never be linear
Cause her crown is coiled
And her time is...
Had been...
And will be forever...
Be now
A shade lighter
Than cinnamon
By Oak Trees

Asantewaa Boykin is a San Diego, CA native, emergency RN, daughter of Valerie Boykin, and granddaughter of Bertha Brandy. Her poetry combines her love of words, storytelling, and resistance, and it explores topics like space-travel, black-femme militancy, and motherhood. Her first full-length poetry collection is Love, Lyric, and Liberation. Asantewaa co-founded APTP (Anti Police-Terror Project), an organization committed to the eradication of police terror in all of its forms amd that recently developed Mental Health First or MH.FIRST, a mobile mental health crisis response team aimed at minimizing police contact with those who are in the midst of a mental health crisis. Her greatest honor is being the mother of her son Ajani and bonus daughter Aryana.

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