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19th Amendment Centennial Issue

Featuring Lit + Art by Black Women Creators

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From the Editors

To honor the 100th anniversary of the passage of the 19th amendment in the US, we curated a special issue featuring Black women writers and artists. In 1920, Black women activists were instrumental in the passage of the 19th amendment despite the racism they faced from some fellow suffragists. Now in 2020, Black women are shaping the future of American politics. Black women are recognized as one of the most active and influential voting blocs in the country, and a record number of Black women are running for US Congress.


In literature, Black women have been historically underrepresented, and Black women writers are still under-published today in all levels of publishing, from litmags to novels. But despite the lack of representation, Black women are charging forward to shape the future of publishing in the US and across the globe. Books by Black women are topping bestseller lists, winning piles of literary awards, and touching the lives of countless readers. A golden era for Black women writers is unfolding, and as editors—and as librarians—we are proud to support it.

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Lourdes Dolores Follins, The Bus Ride, 1973

Rosalia Gitau, Before

Tiffany Niles, Tombs

Bisola Sosan, Iron Tides Heavy on Our Tongues

Najah Webb, Ne Plus Ultra

Brin Williams, Key, Painted Red (Trigger Warning)

Asya Wilson, The Inspection


Jada Fulcher, In the Service of Prettier Blooms

Kiarra Louis, Every Saturday

Jadzia Miller, Hair

Tori Reid, Miss Golden Globe

Brenda Ridley, Black Girl Working

Zoe Smith-Holladay, Redbone

Gabrielle Tanksley, The African American Daydream


Ashia Ajani, collards

Suzanne S. Austin-Hill, The Lady in the Pictures

DeMisty Bellinger, Insects of France

Janine Blue, August 28th

Asantewaa Boykin, Psalms of Brujas 3

Morgan Christie, Moth

Brittny Ray Crowell, a cleaving

Essah Cozett, Casualties of the Coup

Sheree L. Greer, No Apologies

Alexis Jackson, Blue-Brown

Kelsey Johnson, black Girl got

Cheyenne Marcelus, All the weapons in my Afro

               Happy for real

Nailah Mathews, cradle

Denise Miller, A Black Woman’s

Ona Nwankwo, All of My Sisters Are Vestal

Glenis Redmond, Mama Teaches Me How to Survive

Bryanna Sanders, Samsonite

Cynthia Young, Women Were Created After the

               Animals, the Last Creation on the List

               What I Want to Taste


Makeela Amani, All That Glitters Oshun

KCatia, Alma

            La Ronde des Cuisinieres

Alimson Esther, Lottie


Malaika Favorite, Colored Women Voters

           Searching for a Leader

Brenda Robinson, Seeing Myself in a New Light

            Three Graces

darlene anita scott, The Unchanging Form

Britnie Walston, Opposite But Equal

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