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Britnie Walston

Opposite But Equal

Black woman and man facing each other

Britnie  Walston is a Maryland based versatile artist and photographer, who captures energy through light, vibrant color, depth, and texture. She received a BA from Goucher College and studied painting concentration at the Maryland Institute College of Art. Her work has also been published in magazines such as Chestnut Review, Sonder Midwest Issue #4, Mud Season Review, Blue Mesa Review Issue #38, and Abstract Magazine TV.


The use of exaggerated brushstrokes and abstract color give her paintings life and voice. Her landscapes and abstract work consist of a variety of unconventional techniques to capture the elements portrayed. One of the most used techniques in her abstract paintings, is the method of mixing each individual color using acrylic paint, floetrol, silicone, and water. Together, they create “cell like” forms.


Britnie also achieves different designs and textures using household objects such as strainers, straws, and frosting spatulas. As a child who grew up near the Chesapeake Bay, her work is inspired by nature, often depicting the absence of human presence, liberation (“set free”) and freedom (“being free”). She reveals the personality of nature itself, while providing the viewer the opportunity to escape and appreciate all the beauty that surrounds us. More of her work can be found at

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