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trash, 2018     

Anna Dunn

january 16th, 2018 is dead

i’m out here stumbling

over the date line

i’d love to laugh at the construction of time

but January 16th is not Your birthday


soon You’ll blow out my flame 

smoke billowing

through trembling fingers

that now know better

than to try and catch

something already gone

just like the day

just like the sun


just like the water i’m sailing on

no escape when

you drown the ocean itself

in your used plastic people


while the littered earth

keeps revolving

around You and only You

thrusting me from west to east

i wish i wasn’t caught in Your orbit


january 16th, 2018 is dead

but this plastic heart still loves You

floating, never disintegrating

always wondering

where smoke goes

when it escapes into the atmosphere

Anna Dunn is an Undergraduate student studying creative writing and psychology at Sarah Lawrence College in New York City. She just returned from a Semester at Sea study abroad program where she circumnavigated the globe on a ship and hope to travel many more places in the future. She graduates next year. She currently live In Idaho with her Dog and Cat.

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