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How Terrible of Liars Are We, by Anna Martin

From the Editor



Natalie Hernandez, Whatever They Told You Not to Be

Kathryn Ordiway, To Do Penance

Robert L. Penick, Wilson




Emma Hudelson, Aspirin




William Doreski, Camera Obscura

Faith Hill, back down here again

Alexis Wilson, Heartbeat Poem for My Sister




Cristina Bresser de Campos, Woman in Color

Ghada Chamma, Landscape And Impressions

Mara Lefebvre, A Thousand Kisses Deep

            Between Forgetting and Remembering

Anna Martin, Aurora

            How Terrible of Liars Are We

            Dust Filled Head

Michelle Skinner, Pondering a Yellow Leaf

                Rainy Day in Paris

Ronald Walker, Embracing Diversity

                The Waiting Game

Danielle Wirsansky, Alarm of the People

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